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8 Ways to Relieve Stress in Children With Eczema and Other Health Conditions

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Eczema and Stress Go Hand-in-Hand

We know that stress is a very common eczema trigger and we also know that having eczema causes a lot of stress. So, it’s fair to say that eczema and stress go hand-in- hand. The question is, how can you relieve stress in children with eczema or any other health condition? Here are a few ideas to try in order to find the best stress reliving techniques for your children.

1. Yoga

It’s not only healthy for the mind, body and spirit, but its super fun for kids. My children love their YogaKids DVD, but there are a lot of other options out there to try. One really VERY silly option is Laughter Yoga – this is a cute video that explains what it is and provides a few examples. I’m going to be trying this one out with my kids today after school today. Yoga can work wonders on stress induced eczema for children and adults.

2. Belly or Balloon Breathing

This type of relaxation breathing is helpful for everyone, but kids will relate to the idea of blowing up their belly like a balloon.

3. Glitter Jar

Beautiful and fun to make, glitter jars can really help kids to focus on their breath and to relax. I have a friend that uses glitter jars to help her toddler calm down after tantrums. They really work.

4. Guided Imagery

I like this Magic Carpet Ride script which parents can read to their children, but this site also have many more examples of kid friendly guided imagery to choose from.

5. Massage

My son went for his first massage when he was four and he loved it! We started with 30 minutes and jumped up to 60 minutes the next visit because he was just so into it. Who knew my normally wild child could lay still for such an extended period of time? He certainly wouldn’t lie still for me to do it when he was younger. But, if your child is open to it, parent-child massage is not only very relaxing, but it’s a wonderful bonding experience as well. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to give your child a massage at home. This would be an excellent idea if stress induced eczema is a concern. If your child has eczema or sensitive skin, make sure to read the label and know exactly what’s in the massage oil before it’s applied to your child’s skin, especially if there are known allergens you’re avoiding.

6. Art Therapy

Let them use their hands to calm and reassure themselves with activities like coloring, drawing, and sculpting (play dough included). For a child with eczema and stress is a concern, one idea is to have them draw how they feel when they’re itchy or when they get upset from having to apply cream so many times.

7. Exercise

Get them moving! While it may not seem calming, physical activity is a great stress reliever. Let them run, dance, jump, or whatever else their little bodies need to do to shake off that stress. Just make sure not to overdress children with eczema before heavy activity as sweat is a trigger for many children. Materials like cotton and bamboo are breathable and best when eczema is a concern.

8. Build Self Esteem

Books like this one will help children develop confidence while decreasing stress and anxiety. Also, allow children to help take care of their own health. With eczema, letting them apply their own cream let’s them take ownership of a condition they may normally feel powerless against. Look for skin care in a roll on or twist-up tube format like this one.


I also love the idea of this Anti-Anxiety Kit for Children. It’s easy to make at home and is filled with great tools for children of all ages to use in order to lower stress.

What do you do to help your children to relax? Please share your tips with us!


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