A Manifesto for Our Community

  1. We believe people with eczema are the experts in what it’s like to live with eczema.
  1. We believe in the chronic, serious and sometimes debilitating nature of eczema and commit to changing public perception of it as “just a rash.”
  1. We believe the true experience of eczema is not well enough understood by the people who make decisions about patients’ health.
  1. We believe there is no singular patient voice and that the experience of eczema — the symptoms, triggers, burden, treatment, etc. — is unique for each of the 31 million Americans that live with it.
  1. We believe that your voice should be heard at every point where decisions are being made that will affect your care and your access to treatment. 
  1. We believe that people with eczema should have a seat at the table with healthcare providers, drug manufacturers, legislators and other key stakeholders. 
  1. We believe there’s a seat at the table and it’s for you.
    • Join NEA Ambassadors to influence decision-makers, promote patient-centered research and spread eczema awareness.
    • Take part in the research process by taking surveys, participating in clinical trials and supporting NEA’s Research Fund.
    • Share your story with your friends, family and beyond. Join the skin positivity movement by using our hashtag #unhideECZEMA on social media or submit your story for consideration as a My Journey on our blog.

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Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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