Ask the Ecz-perts: Are certain ethnicities more likely to have eczema?

You’ve read the pages. You’ve watched the webinars. You’ve still got questions about the basics of eczema.

Our world-class expert Jenna Lester, MD, has answers.

Board-certified in dermatology, Dr. Lester is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at UCSF where she practices and teaches general dermatology and is the Founding Director of the Skin of Color Program. She was named a Watson Faculty Scholar, a prestigious award dedicated to the support of new faculty at UCSF. Dr. Lester is a sought-after lecturer, has written book chapters and published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and is currently building an academic research program in dermatology.

Nick Fulmer
My mission is to help eczema sufferers and provide a nutritious diet that promotes general health and well being as well as eczema relief.

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