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Best strategies to prevent and reverse wrinkles caused by eczema – Part 1 & Part 2 (S4E15 & 16)

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Today’s guest is Ben Fuchs, who shares expert tips on how to prevent and reverse wrinkles caused by eczema, TSW, and atopic dermatitis. He is a registered pharmacist, skin formulator, nutritionist, and cosmetic chemist for over 30 years. He’s a skincare expert who shares the key to reversing and preventing wrinkles caused by eczema. He’s been on the show 2 podcast interviews on the show as well!

His skincare line, called Truth Treatments, is incredibly effective (use “havethetruth20” code at to get 10% off his products). He also hosts a radio show, called The Bright Side.


In today’s episode, we talked about:

  • Face yoga
  • Sunscreen
  • can wrinkles be reversed?
  • best topical & supplements to prevent wrinkles
  • inflammatory foods to stay away from


I’m currently using these face products from Truth Treatments moisturizers for my face and I love using it:

  • Omega 6 Healing Cream
  • Biomineral mist
  • Transdermal Vitamin C serum
  • Collagen Recovery Complex supplement
  • 1% Retinol




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