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Eczpress yourself : to mark National Eczema Week the National Eczema Society is asking you to record your own eczema story so that they can share it with those who need to hear it most.

From the National Eczema Society: National Eczema Week (16-24 September) will focus on the power of sharing our eczema stories in the ongoing battle with this incurable and isolating condition. Eczema treatments and triggers can prevent you from experiencing life in the same, spontaneous way as others and leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.

“I thought it was just me” is something we hear every day when a patient or carer gets to hear someone else’s eczema story for the first time. Sheer relief of knowing that they are not alone is palpable and the comfort derived is enormous. The more stories we can collect and share, the stronger our eczema community will be individually and collectively.

To be a part of this unique project simply record (audio or video) your eczema story and send it to

Things you might include are: When the eczema first developed, what your symptoms were and how it was diagnosed. How the eczema has changed over time and what treatments you’ve tried.  What your triggers are and how you identified them. How you’ve coped with the challenges the condition presents either as a patient with eczema or the parent of a child with eczema. The impact of the condition in terms of school, work, activities, holidays, friends, family, relationships, interests, disturbed sleep etc and lots of anecdotes!

Recordings should be no longer than10 minutes and may be featured on the National Eczema Society’s website, YouTube channel, Instagram and other social media.

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