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Holistically Heal Yourself

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The best cures are natural that allow your body to do the work.

Recently I discovered I have inadvertently been following a methodology that has helped to heal my skin. It’s called the MAF Method, developed by Dr Phil Maffetone.

I did not follow his method to get to where I am now but his philosophies certainly align with what I have done to heal myself. If I could have written what I have done into a framework, then the MAF Method would be it. Although it is written with athletes in mind, this could easily be reframed to refer to eczema/allergy sufferers.

Would certainly recommend eczema viewers of this blog to seriously consider following his method if you want to begin to heal and stayed healed and tell me about it. I will link to your blogs

It will begin to hone your proprio-perception of healing yourself instead of a random “let’s try this”.

Eczema sufferers hope this helps you to follow a holistic approach to you healing yourself. If ever you were to try something for a long term heal, then I strongly suggest you try this. You can do the quizzes first and then read the information. Then it’s up to you to make those changes.

Otherwise here is a summary of foods:

If you are suffering now, I want you to know that after 25-30 years of suffering with full body eczema, I am now enjoying soft smooth skin and use moisturisers on it about once a day after a shower (where once before I used to moisturise continually). Changes were:
– Nutritional (see MAF method) – greatly reduced the junk food
– I wash my hair only with water
– Sunshine – force myself out even if the weather is cold and freezing
– Sleep at regular hours
– Drink much more water

Wishing that for Christmas and 2018 that you are free from the skin urghs and itches


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