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Keeping Clear Skin in Winter….

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Was reminded that I should post something on this blog. Am sitting here with soft, smooth, clear skin, rarely scratching and haven’t had to take a 1/4 of an anti-histamine tablet for a month. In summer my skin tends to heal. Winter will slowly undo the good work of summer, with a small patch under the left eye that likes to rear its ugly head.

In the midst of winter, the normal niggles will appear. Last winter I tried vit D3 suppliments with perhaps some success, but the eczema still took hold of my inner arms, the left side of my face, and my groin. By the end of autumn my skin had mostly cleared and continued to clear.

The contributing factors could be more natural foods as we continue to grow our own during spring to autumn and have an abundance of tomatoes, fresh greens, courgettes, aubergines, beans and now butternut squash.

This winter the changes are currently as follows:

1. Reduced the heating (12-15 degs C) and put more layers on….probably means guests will avoid staying at my place. Initially it was uncomfortable, but the thermostatis of my body is kicking in to make it feel comfortable. Of course having a colder place means bathing is different. This is still in hot water until I learn the Wim Hof method and can take a cold shower!

2. Forced myself to go out everyday for at least an hour in the daylight. The skin loves light, the eczema seems to shun it. The eyes also loves light.

3. Sleep more – it’s better in those days when I suffered much more. Natural daylight apparently helps improve sleep

4. Water more. Having suffered for nearly 4 months with a urinary tract infection (UTI), I was forced to drink much more and have now kept up the drinking.

So will be back in Spring to report if have finally been able to keep the itch at bay and enjoyed clear smooth skin throughout the winter. It should be noted am using any moisturiser other than the prescribed emollients. Have found the prescription stuff (like emulsifying ointment & diprobase) provides a superficial sense of moisturising and after say about 15-30 minutes, the skin feels a mild irritation, when it was calm before I had put the stuff on.

Now use one of the shop brands such as St Ives, Jergen, cocoa butter, or nivea – anything that keeps my skin feeling calm after I have put the “stuff” on. My skin has a tendency to be on the dry side.

****Takes deep breath to take the plunge****

To everyone reading this blog for the first time. 

Remember to try something different because the stuff the doc gives is only temporary. If you want to truely heal and reduce the nasty itch, change the way you’re living.

I definitely have and used this blog to continually address and document what have done to reduce the eczema and am hoping this winter it stays away.

Have blocked comments from folk who tell me about their miracle creams. When you investigate further, they have steroids in them. Too much BS from companies wanting you to be addicted to their cream. Please go away and hope

For a REAL cure – you should be able to use any cream


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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