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Sat in Kuala Lumpur airport enroute back from New Zealand to England. Glad I found your site as I’ve been pretty dispondent about my ezecma, even simple things like getting your wallet out your pocket becomes a challenge. I don’t think steroids do much but you become psychologically reliant on them.although I’ve never tried wrapping cling film over it.I’ve tried them all from weak over the counter hydrocortisone to stuff like cobitisol and betnavate. I think that they take the redness out of sores but perhaps it’s wishful thinking? Hydrocortisone defiantly works on allergic rashes but these are unrelated to ezecma, I know got one now probably from a plant!not scratching ezecma is very important as it breaks the hives causing a large blister to form but easier said than done blowing or a gentle rub is better.I see no connection between ezecma and weather as I’ve had break outs in hot and cold countries. Strangely enough nor does it seem to run in my family although I can only go back to my parents and sister.I think also that due to it weakening the skin it allows fungal infections in to the feet.moccasin athletes foot is at a guess the one I’ve got. As it reacts to daktarin I’m guessing it’s fungal,well a mixture of fungal and ezecma, and generally only oral antifungal creams will fight it,although daktarin does destroy it where it can get into the skin through cracks

Once upon a time, I used to be like Kevin and many others. I believed in the GPs advice and opinions. After all they’re the experts right? Holistic healing stuff used to be mumbo jumbo and voo doo magic.

Now I have an appreciation of holistic healing methods, having had both carpel tunnel syndrome and frostbite healed by holistic methods. The neurologists wanted to cut my hand open to heal my carpel tunnel syndrome. The hand specialist in a London Hospital wanted to cut my finger off as he had zero understanding of frostbite.

Currently I use a blend of GP understanding of what the condition is and holistic methods. Holistic methods are more time consuming but they heal the body better than taking a chemical pill or applying chemicals that burn our skin off. The chemicals that the pharmaceutical produce for eczema are short term solutions. Read through my blog to take control of the situation. Though some of you might not like that it requires some lifestyle changes!

It should be noted that I still take anti-histamine tablets quite frequently during the night though this is a reduced dosage of 1/3 or 1/2 of a tablet.. If I have not slept well, I am itching like crazy the next day. It is on this night that I would take my 1/3 or 1/2 a tablet.

Anyhow since 2014, my scalp has been clear of eczema and dandruff, since I gave up shampoo-ing my hair! Though this year, my face & scalp has suddenly become dry and itchy! (I do blame urticara for this) Moisturing has certainly helped the scalp and face, especially round the eyes.

Anyhow – thanks Kevin for sharing and hope you find what is “getting under your skin”.



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