Impact of Eczema

Making Environments Less Conducive to Eczema Outbreaks and Itching

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House Dust 

House dust aggrevates my eczema and can only think this might be due to the dust mites. Of course the obvious solution is to ensure the environment is as dust free as possible. Seems am okay with other types of dust. Perhaps house dust has too much human skin circulating with it.


Many sufferers will tell you sunlight, sand and sea have been helpful in reducing eczema symptoms and thus the skin begins to heal.  Of course there will also be the exceptions. My cousin has recently found sunlight makes her skin erupt in rashes…..

However I now wonder about that.

I had a eureka moment. Had been in an environment that was damp and cold. My skin is great in the cold without the heating, so I continued living in this place for a week without the heating on. Unfortunately I was breaking out in rash spots and thought it was due too diet.

Back in my own home, the outbreak of eczema that I had in the other place worsened. It was always itchiest after a hot shower and getting into a cold bed during winter.

As I reflected, one thing I had noticed was the dampness of my skin and this was before digging into the epidermal layer.


1. Make sure the room is dry. Have invested in a dehumidifier and this makes a difference to the room environment.

2. Make sure have had a wash way ahead of bed time. Previously a warm body getting into a cold bed would mean there is a certain amount of condensation being formed (that’s what I think). Hence having a wash ahead of time means the body has had time to cool down.

3. Make sure the sheets have been warmed on a radiator before getting into bed. I sleep on the floor so it’s pretty easy to warm up the bedding on a radiator without too much work.  Again as in the previous point – my body + warmed up bedding makes it easier to create a non-condensing environment in bed.

So now I wonder if my cousin’s sudden allergy to sunlight could also be due to dampness on her skin and perhaps talcum powder might help her.


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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