Impact of Eczema

Miracle Cure?

the team members

Nah – just changes to make in oneself.

So my face….my torn up scraggy face. GP just said it’s eczema and that I should put a concoction of a very mild fungal hydrocortisone (Daktacorta) on my face. Gosh it was so tempting. But I kept away from it. The only place I used it was on the fungal part of the body which blasted that black stuff off!

But on my face? Sure hydrocortisone will burn the crap skin away, but it sure won’t cure it. It will jump back on and I’ll just have more sensitive skin.

Anyway this week have returned to Italy to work. Sunday, my skin is a horrid mess. It is itchy, dry and flaking. I plaster my face continuously with cream. I’ve had to do this several times this year. Monday, colleagues comment on the skin on the face as it looks red and the swollen skin on one eye looks like someone could have slapped me!

I am constantly slapping cream on my skin during the day and applying a non-parafin cream from Malaysia that a friend gave me to try during the night. Also with the lack of distractions, I am sleeping early.

After the second night of good sleep, it feels like a miracle. Sleep is such a great cure, especially when I suffer from bouts of severe sleep deprivation. The skin is healing rapidly. By Thursday the face skin looks pretty normal and those same colleagues that noticed the bad skin, have noticed the changed skin. In addition the rest of the eczema skin (neck and inner arms) have also been healing but not as radically as the skin on my face.

So what changed?
– Environment
– Water
– Diet
– Sleep
– More sun
– Application of a non-parafin cream

Will see when I return to the UK in a week’s time if this cure holds!


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