Impact of Eczema

My Eyes and Catch Up

my eyes and catch up

 In 2020, my mother suggested I try Lutein. 

This appears to have worked to reduce the eye irritation and hence me scratching the surrounding skin and causing poor skin health. The skin around my eyes are now great 🙂

At the end of 2020, the skin on my back decided to ….. well I have no idea how that happened…

my eyes and catch up

…then it went back to the arms, front, groin, now legs and neck…. oh and parts of my scalp.It is end of August and I have let things get a wee bit out of control. So much has been happening despite Covid.

At least I can appreciate that the skin around my eyes is great 🙂

So what is happening. I have noted that am clammy in the night and appears due to when I have creamed myself. Just before bed and my body is sweating. Never used to happen so I combine this with being a certain age and hormones going awol. Haven’t killed the other person in my life, so at least the mood swings are not sooo bad.

What else is helping?

1. Sunlight & Hydration are my top 

2. Sleep (if I can get it but the itching is keeping me up). 

3. STOP touching the bad skin and focus on the lovely good skin. Everytime I touch the bad skin, I want to scratch it off. So have to find things for my hands.

4. Try to have a a good proper exercise sweat every now and then. It feels totally cleansing. A spin class helped calm my skin.

5. Take a cold shower / or end with cold water at the end of a shower

Though I did do a naughty thing and ate loads of dorito chips at my Aunt’s. I ripped my neck up and dug holes into my back. Oh well sometimes have to be stupid to become wiser!

Taking Oil of Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil and this certainly again seems to be calming things.

So where ever you are, who ever you are, it may seem bad but keep your mind focused on what has healed and the nice parts.  Let’s do it 🙂


Nick Fulmer
My mission is to help eczema sufferers and provide a nutritious diet that promotes general health and well being as well as eczema relief.

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