Reading The Healthy Skin Kitchen actually helped my eczema

reading the healthy skin kitchen actually helped my eczema

reading the healthy skin kitchen actually helped my eczema

You can read the introduction of Karen Fischer’s new book for free (at the end of this article). Nutritionist Bonnie reviews this book:

Fed up with your itch… and being smothered in creams and bandages and THE OOZING? As a former chronic and occasional current eczema sufferer, I know I was (and am). That is why I am so excited to share our latest resource with you, ‘The Healthy Skin Kitchen’ book. 

With over 20 years of experience helping people with major skin problems and after her own personal journey with head-to-toe eczema, hives, severe food allergies and intolerances, nutritionist Karen Fischer has seen it all. Karen knows what it’s like to have skin issues, along with the associated pain, isolation and the myriad of emotions that come with them. 

And she is incredibly grateful to have achieved clear skin when she found the underlying cause of her symptoms. Now Karen is sharing her tips and 20 years of experience via The Healthy Skin Kitchen book. 

On a personal note, I wish this resource was available to me and my family when I suffered from severe eczema in my childhood and teenage years. Ten years ago there were very limited resources regarding alternatives to the standard ‘cream and bandage’ daily process we lived. My family’s plan was very much ‘trial and error’, with lots of error (in hindsight!). The Healthy Skin Kitchen would have provided much needed structure to my healing journey. 

Although I no longer suffer from chronic eczema, my eczema still comes back occasionally. A few recent stressful circumstances ‘naughty’ weekends indulging in gluten, alcohol and appalling food, have welcomed back my old adversary in an angry red, oozy rage. Thankfully, following one of the menu programs from this book actually healed my eczema and keratosis pilaris (which was an added bonus)! 

What is The Healthy Skin Kitchen? 

The Healthy Skin Kitchen contains over 60 new recipes for people with food and chemical intolerances, and it contains the best foods for eczema and a healthy mind, as the vagus nerve gets a mention. 

If you are familiar with Karen Fischer’s eczema books, The Eczema Diet and The Eczema Detox, you will know all about the FID program—Food Intolerance Diagnosis. The Healthy Skin Kitchen includes FID-friendly meals to add to your Eczema Detox or Eczema Diet regime. You can also tailor meals to suit your allergies or simply follow your favourite menu and Karen’s gentle skincare regime. 

As well as sharing what foods to eat, skincare ingredients to use and supplements to take for your eczema, The Healthy Skin Kitchen acknowledges and emphasises the mind-skin connection. It also includes vagal tone exercises (sounds weird but trust me it works!), gratitude therapy and getting to know your sneaky gut microbiome to create holistic healthy skin and wellness from the inside out. 

Want more? 

The Healthy Skin Kitchen does not end with this book. Karen Fischer and her team of nutritionists have created an affordable online membership program to help you follow her eczema programs, with the support of trained nutritionists and fellow eczema warriors. It will be launched August 1st 2021. 

Join our tribe of wellness warriors here at

Read The Healthy Skin Kitchen intro for free

As a special offer, you can read the introduction of The Healthy Skin Kitchen for free at The Healthy Skin Kitchen website here.  

Click on the image to learn more about the book. 


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