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End of 2016:

Throughout 2016, I’ve been suffering from urticaria as well as eczema. At the end of 2016, decided it must be a mineral deficiency of some sort and decided to do some pill popping of fish oil and vitamin C.

1. Face was a wreck. Welts kept popping up. When they reduced, they caused dry skin and a rash. Welts would appear after a night of no sleep. Around the eyes worsened, and tears burned the skin. Have been applying loads of mosituriser and forcing myself to rest even if am not sleeping. Facial skin is much better. Think the cod liver oil tablets have also been helping as everything is much more stable. Scalp seems to be improving as well.

At the worst of it, found the gel from the aloe vera leaves had a soothing effect on the facial skin when it was itchy.

2. Back had a rash and dry skin. Mid summer, had welts appear on the back, turn into water blisters and left the back in a mess after. Still sorting this out but it is healing. Have recently been finishing off my shower with cold water which has helped the skin to feel better. Heat makes the skin itch!

3. Front of torso has been red and there appears to be some light swelling. Probably end up as dry skin and rash.

4. Legs have had some welts but seems to have become stable with the cod liver oil

5. Eczema rash on inside of elbows and neck still around. Haven’t focused on this much due to sorting out everywhere else. Mainly itchy at night when I become hot. Am learning to like being a little cooler.

Having struggled with various rashes in 2016, and now having taken suppliments, I think some rashes may be a symptom of some sort of deficiency. The skin appears to have stabilised and improved since taking high dosages of cod liver oil. Will look at increasing it to 3 tablets of 1000mg now and continue with the vitamin C (2 x 500mg). Recently have included Magnesium for constipation and Zinc to help healing (wounds have been healing very slowly).

I should also include that it would appear having a diet high in vegetables also helps keep my skin calmer.


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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