Impact of Eczema

Stay Dry to Overcome Dampness Itchiness

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Every night my legs and torso have been feeling itchy. I couldn’t understand why.

And I scratched more than I should have converting the initial reactions to eczema.

I blamed this on winter. I dislike the heating drying out my skin

I also noted after having a shower and getting into a cold bed seemed to make me itch. (I do like a cold bed)

It was only by chance that having heated up my blankets on the radiator and feeling dry that I discovered there was a distinct lack of itching. I slept well for a change.

So now understand that dampness is rubbish for my skin and need to find strategies to replace dampness with dryness such as after playing sport, my damp clothes make me itch. Now change clothes as soon as possible to ensure less itch time.


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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