The Best Tampolines for Children – We Found Them Online!

the best tampolines for children we found them online

the best tampolines for children we found them online
Our Eczema Story

Having dry lips or suffering from an eczema condition called Eczematous Cheilitis can be very frustrating and painful. We have found a product that really helps and want to share it with you, Shea Brand Organic Eczema Lip Balm.

We get asked at least once or twice a week on our Facebook Group Page ‘ what’s the best thing to put on your lips to get relief from the pain and dryness or even cure it forever?” They ask.

I have suffered from eczema now for the past 48 Years and my son for the past 20. We have experienced this problem and although we didn’t have Eczematous Cheilitis we had very dry lips due to our eczema condition.

We both suffer from Atopic Eczema, you can read our story on the first welcome page of our website.

eczema on your lips

(Eczema-Eczematous Cheilitison on your lips can be very sore and painful)

Our skin is very susceptible to the weather and to external factors like chemicals, food and even dust. Dust mites have been an issue for us for years and made us both itch like mad. But that’s another story. If you’d like to read our blog on Eczema Dust Mites then click the link provided.

Anyway, Back onto Eczema on your lips.

We tried many different lip balms and creams until we came across Shea Brand Organic Lip Balm. Containing one of the best products you can use on your eczema, Shea Butter this lip balm work really well for us.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying it will work for everyone as it contains Coconut Oil and some people have bad reactions to this. Especially young children so you need to try a small amount first and check for any redness or swelling.

If you see anything wipe off with water and don’t apply again. You will need to search for a lip balm which contains no Coconut Oil. We found this one on Amazon called Finally Pure Kids Lip Balm.

We would recommend the Shea Brand first and if that works for you then great. You’ll find it helps just like we did.

We use them in summer to prevent dryness and in Winter to protect from the weather and cold winds.

This is the one we use.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed many Lip Balms suitable for eczema and you can read our full review and find out more details about eczema on your lips in one of our posts linked here

Good luck finding a product that works for you. We hope the one we suggested helps you or your child. Please let us know of any products you have tried that worked for you. We love to share helpful tips and products that have been tried and tested by real people who suffer from eczema.

Thanks for reading.

Carl, Editor @Our Eczema Story



This Blog Post is Originally from The Best Tampolines for Children – We Found Them Online! & Written by Jason Eisler



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