Impact of Eczema

The Tale of Two Rashes

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Rash 1:
Sleep and regularly getting out in the daylight has been difficult. During Nov I was on a project, I got up sat on my computer, for lunch I went outside for about 20-30 mins and then continued back on my computer until the early morning before forcing myself to bed.

With everyone back in the house, the heating had been turned back up to 17 degs by the beginning of Dec (I had it down to 14 degs when I was by myself for a month).

By mid-Dec a small dry area appeared on my let cheek. It burned and spread to around my eye. I thought it might be some type of fungal infection, so applied some anti-fungal cream for about a week. At first it improved the condition and then spread even more around the cheek and forehead. Tried longer bouts in the outdoors hoping it needed infra-red. No real joy. Applying lots of cream soothed it and sometimes felt it was burning the skin. Recently also took a quarter of an anti-histamine our nights in a row as the cheek rash had become itchy and I started to scratch the neck.

Although the skin looked dry and red at times, nothing was improving it until I started doing some exercise that made me sweat!

Sweat has made the face skin feel better and having done 3 days of sweating, it is now improving! Have to force myself to do some more indoor spin sessions.

Rash 2:
Soon after the first week of the face rash, a small itchy red dotted rash appeared on my left thigh. It was itchy when I was hot and sweaty!!! I thought I might have spread the face rash somehow to my thigh. So I applied the anti-fungal cream there too! Another patch on the left thigh appeared and now a patch has appeared on the right hand side.

Two days ago when the sun was shining and the day felt kind of warm, I bared my legs, going for a long 2.5 hour walk in the park. The itching has eased and the patch has dried. Today has been another one hour session and the rash patches feel like they are healing!

At the same time have been trying to keep to a better diet during winter. This has been hard at times especially with the Christmas period of festivities. Anyway back to chewing through some lovely greens, increasing the protein and reducing the carbs.

Hope your itches are all under control.


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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