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Lisa CameronLisa Cameron: I grew up with Eczema. I’m all about skin care tips and healthy living! I want to help others like me on how to live a better, happier & healthier lifestyle. Discover natural remedies for eczema based on our family’s personal experience and clinical success from conventional and holistic practitioners to soothe your itchy little world.



Laura Leite 1Laura Leite: I have always suffered from Eczema and still do today. I also have children who suffer from this condition. We share our experiences with others to help them cope with the disease and the emotional stress that comes with the condition. My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema



Nick Fulmer 1Nick Fulmer is Author of The Eczema Help Line, nutritionist and has worked closely with hundreds of patients with eczema and other types of skin inflammation. He is a registered nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the University of New England and a Diploma of Nutrition (NCC). My mission is to help eczema sufferers and provide a nutritious diet that promotes general health and well being as well as eczema relief.