Impact of Eczema

Will Ya Moisturising Cream Kill Ya?

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Just read in the Evening Standard, a local London newspaper, that fifteen people have died in London in the past three years after using flammable moisturisers that “turned them into human wicks,”

Source: The London Fire Brigade

So what moisturisers are these? The type that are prescribed by GPs for Eczema/Dermatitis that is the emollient creams – paraffin and petroleum-based moisturisers.

Typically elderly patients are prescribed these as well and if apparently according to the London Fire Brigade, if you smoke you could light yourself up as well!

I don’t smoke but the really bad eczema that used to be rampant all over my body, started healing when I gave up the prescribed emollients.

Source of article:

Currently only the inner elbows, neck and a bit on the face have eczema 🙂


Laura Leite
My aim is to help people who suffer from Eczema

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